Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wishes on the wall

Most of us have heard of the song, "When you wish upon a star". But what about "When you wish upon a wall"? There's no song of that name, but if there was, the former would be a classic while the latter would be the latest song on iTunes. Wishing upon stars is the thing of the past, while "wishing" on walls (using Wall Wisher) is the thing of the present (and hopefully of the future). Wall Wisher, a gem of an app in my opinion, allows its users to make announcement to many people at a time, hold online debates and conferences, etc., and is a new way to communicate. Of course, it has its limitations. There is a 160-character limit on each post, which makes getting long messages across quite hard. Also, if too many people post things onto the wall, it gets quite hard to read certain posts. However, the positives of using Wall Wisher outnumber the negatives of using it, so I'd still say that it's a good application to learn how to use. Wall Wisher can be used in many ways by SST students. To me, the most important ways in which it can be used are to conduct silent debates and class discussions, conduct online conferences within project teams, notify students and/or teachers of certain events, conduct online surveys in which the surveyer can get instant responses and answer questions and get to know other students and/or teachers better by chatting in a wall. For example, there could be a question and answer session regarding a certain day's lessons, in which the students' questions as well as the teacher's answers to those questions are shared among the other students so that they wouldn't miss out on some information. All the students would, therefore, be informed about everything discussed among the students and teachers. Note: Below is the wall which I have embeded into my blog.

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