Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 1, Mac Attack 1, Activity 4: End-of-the-day Reflection

Reflection Questions

  1. What have you done today?
  2. What have you learnt today?
  3. Why did you choose to come to SST?
  4. What are your aspirations as a member of the SST family?
  5. How have you grown from the activities conducted today? Use one of the pictures from the PICASA album which best illustrates your growth (especially in relation to the 3Rs).
  1. I've gotten more familiar with my Macbook, as well as written down a reflection and pasted in on the classroom wall.
  2. I have learnt how to connect to the SST wi-fi network, how to and how not to use my Learning Device, how to use Photo Booth, how to post a blog entry using my email as a platform and how to become a co-author of a blog.
  3. I chose to come to SST because in SST, I'm able to learn differently, do fun activities to learn and use technology to learn. I feel that in the future, the world will need people who can use technology very well.
  4. I aspire to be a member of the next generation of youth- the generation who will use technology to learn, learn not only basic facts, but how to use common sense and good judgement, too, and learn in a totally new way.
  5. The picture has been pasted above.

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