Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Creating My experiences in creating this blog

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When I heard that I had to create a blog as part of the pre-term preperation activities for SST, I was thrilled. I had ever created a blog before and I really wanted to try creating one. I couldn't wait to start creating my very own blog for the first time. I quickly read the instructions on th SST Students' Blogspot and proceeded to to create At first, it was easy. All I had to do was to choose a name and theme for the blog. But then, things started getting a little tricky. I accidentally clicked the "Publish" button while I was composing my first post. I had to figure out how to edit that post. But then, I forgot to give the post a title. I had to edit it once again. After finally getting the corrected post published, things became easy again. I then started composing this post, and that's still what I'm doing now. So far, my first experiences blogging have been enjoyable, even when things went wrong. I feel that blogging plays an important part of my learning experience at SST. This is because blogging is one way to connect with teachers as well as other students. For example, I can post a part of a project on my blog to see what my classmates think of my concept. Or, I can open up a blog as part of a project (If I'm allowed to-I think I will be.). I can even post an enquiry about what was taught in class on a certain day to find out about something. In these ways, blogging can be part of my learning experience at SST.

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