Tuesday, January 11, 2011

English Homework

Today, during the English lesson, we played a game called broken telephone. Each team of either 7 or 8 students had to form a line get a message down it to the last person. This person would then write down what he or she heard and see if it was correct. Unfortunately, our team's first player forgot the message after hearing it from the teacher, Mr Nooh. But, it highlighted to me the importance of communication. Communication is very important because it lets us exchange information. Without this exchange of information, life would come to a complete standstill as tasks would not be completed, requests would not be made and no information would be able to reach anybody other than its creator. My favorite forms of communication are oral, written/print and electronic communication. I feel that nothing can beat oral communication in describing ideas accurately. The way a person speaks and gesticulates can tell the listener a lot. For serious matters, I feel that written or print communication is the best form, as everything is put in writing and can be read multiple times and kept for future use. Electronic communication, in my opinion, offers the best way to communicate with the masses, as internet access is widespread nowadays. People who don't even know the "speaker" and are in a different country can listen in on things without having to do anything much. A person decides which for of communication to use at a certain time by taking into consideration factors such as the audience and the information needed to be shared.  I hardly face any difficulties in communicating with other people. However, at times, certain people do not understand certain things that I want them to and vice-versa due to a language, interest and/or knowledge difference. 

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